Pioneer John Vardeman II (1725-1835)                

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Cumberland Gap

Original Fort Boonesborough Site

Daniel Boone Re-enactor Reunion 2003 

Larry Vardiman pointing at John Vardeman's name on 30 axe-men Monument

Reconstructed Fort Boonesborough

David Vardiman pointing at John Vardeman's name on 1st Kentucky Pioneers Monument




Age: ~ 110 (verifying)

Occupation: Pioneer

State: Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri

# of Children: 13

Vardeman, John, ~ 1725-1835

One of 30 axe men who helped blaze the Cumberland Gap trail with Daniel Boone.

In 1775 John, as an experienced woodsman, joined a company of men recruited and led by Daniel Boone to blaze a road through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky for the Transylvania Company of Col. Richard Henderson. Boone's mission was accomplished with the founding of Fort Boonesborough on the Kentucky River. The names of Boone’s intrepid band of frontiersmen, including that of John Vardeman, are recorded on a bronze plaque mounted on a granite monument located in Fort Boonesborough (KY) State Park.

Experiences in the American Revolution:

Sept. 25, 1778 Military records, John Vardiman (John Vardiman II or III?), and William Vardiman (William Vardeman I or William III son of John II?) are listed on a 46 roster of individuals receiving fines set by Court Martial along with Joseph Baker, Elisha Collens, John Collens, and Ephraim Osburn, September 25, 1778.

Source: Revolutionary War Records Fincastle & Montgomery Counties, Virginia, 1775 – 1783,

1780 Military records, John Vardeman served in the American Revolution from Lincoln County, Virginia, and from Kentucky County, Virginia, where he was in Captain John Boyles Company on April 1, 1780, at Bowman’s Station and at Dick’s River, Kentucky. John Vardeman (John Vardeman II) and his sons took part in the French and Indian Wars.

Sons William, John, Amaziah, and Morgan all served.

Source: Collins History of Kentucky, Volume 1, page 12.

Source: Lyman Copeland Draper Manuscripts, Kentucky Papers, Reel 12 C, pages 63, Interview with Morgan Vardeman, son of John Vardeman Jr.,
conducted May 25-26th 1868, probably in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Source: DAR records of Mrs. Lida Lawson #26133.

Source: Virgil Woods Publication, page 3.

Apr. 3rd To May 10th, 1782 Military records, John Verdiman (John Vardeman II?), served in the American Revolution from Lincoln County, Virginia, and from Kentucky County, Virginia, where he was a Private in Captain John Wood’s Company ordered to Estills Station under the command of Col. Benjamin Logan.

Source: George Rogers Clark and His Men Military Records, 1778-1784, compiled by Margery H. Harding, The Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY, pages 117-118

Above Provided by David Vardiman

Vardiman Kettle

Story told by Mollie Harris Vardiman
(Miles Standish Vardiman's wife)

When Larry and Jeannette Vardiman were visiting a museum with Larry's grandmother, Mollie Harris Vardiman, they saw a black kettle with a sign that said, "Boone Family kettle".

Mollie said, "That is NOT the Boone family kettle. That is the Vardiman family kettle. The Boone's borrowed it and never gave it back!"


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