• Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

  • This large genealogy database DNA testing costs $59-$566. One must take the autosomal and Y-DNA tests in order to upload to gedmatch. This site is the most satisfying because as soon as one gets a match a small family tree with surnames is made available. One can always order more tests from the original DNA sample later, so if finances are a concern the Autosomal and/or Y-DNA Chromosome test are a great place to start.

    Types of tests:

    • Y-DNA  is male only - traces the direct line males.

    • mtDNA -  traces the female line from you back through your mothers, mothers  mother, on back into time. Men can have the mtDNA portion of their DNA tested but they do not pass it on - only mothers .

    • autosomal (familyfinder)  - everyone can take this. It reveals cousinship's back to about 5 generations .

  • 23 and Me

  • This large genealogy database DNA testing costs $99 and is able to be uploaded to gedmatch.  The "tools" are not user friendly and learning about others who have done the DNA testing is time consuming as one must wait for email responses.

  • Ancestry

  • This database is not as large as 23andMe and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). In order to see anything beyond the ethnicity estimate (a circular graph) and the DNA matches one must sign up as a member. However, one's DNA can be downloaded in order to submit it to gedmatch.

  • Gedmatch

  • This free site allows one to upload DNA test results to identify possible hidden ancestral connections with distant cousins.

    Thank you to distant cousins, Sandra, Fran, and Phyllis
    who helped give feedback on all these sites and tests.

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