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Reverend Jeremiah Vardeman


Age: 67

Occupation: Pastor

State: Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri

Married: 1799 - Betsy James (relative of James Gang), d. 1818
1820 - Elizabeth Bryan, d. 1822
1823 - Lucy Bullock d. 1879

# of Children: 16 from 3 wives, remarried after each passed away

Reverend Jeremiah Vardeman

Reverend Jeremiah Vardeman (1775-1842) was a noted Kentucky Baptist preacher of the late 18th and early 19th century. Jeremiah was a son of the second John Vardeman, grandson of “old” William Vardaman and great-grandson of the original Vardaman immigrant to America. While the biographies are lengthy, the ancestral data contained in them is very brief consisting of only one or two short paragraphs.

Several of these Jeremiah Vardeman biographies have appeared in various publications over the years, see  Early Vardeman History publication for details starting at page 18.

The only records of our Vardaman family origins that have ever been located are found in the various biographies of the Reverend Jeremiah Vardeman and the Lyman C. Draper interviews with his brother, Morgan Vardeman.

Written by Jack Vardaman


William Whitley House
Historic Site State Park,
near Crab Orchard,
Lincoln County, Kentucky

Jeremiah Vardeman enjoyed fiddling in the top floor of the William Whitley house.

Jeremiah Vardeman Monument

Bill & Billie Vardiman with their daughter,
Sarah Vardiman-Miser in 2008 at the new monument's dedication in Ralls County, Missouri.

Vardeman-McPike Cemetery

History of Salem Baptist Church, Missouri

started by Reverend Jeremiah Vardeman in 1832-1837 Services were held once a month.

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