Morgan Vardeman (1767-1847)

Cedar Creek Cemetery moved to make Cedar Creek Lake

Original Cemetery

David Vardiman exploring land where Vardeman cabins used to stand

David Vardiman exploring road on previous Vardeman property


Age: 80

Occupation: Scout, Farmer?

State: Virginia, Kentucky

Married: 1792

# of Children: 11

Amaziah and Morgan, were on scouting parties under Col. William Whitley in 1794.

Source: Collins History of Kentucky, Volume 1, page 12.

Source: Lyman Copeland Draper Manuscripts, Kentucky Papers, Reel 12 C, pages 63, Interview with Morgan Vardeman, son of John Vardeman Jr.,
conducted May 25-26th 1868, probably in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Source: DAR records of Mrs. Lida Lawson #26133.

Source: Virgil Woods Publication, page 3.

Provided by David Vardiman


The two skeletons studied by the University of Kentucky were husbands of Morgan's daughters: Annie and Eliza

Cedar Creek Relocated Cemetery
Crab Orchard, Kentucky

Maps to find Cemetery near
Crab Orchard, Kentucky
Down the road from the
William Whitley House

William Whitley House

Getting Ready to Excavate

University of Kentucky Archeology Students Digging

Grave Shafts

David Vardiman holding video camera talking with project director

University of Kentucky Staff looking at excavated bones

Handle and Buttons excavated

New Cemetery

David Vardiman Speaking at 2003 Family Reunion Cemetery Rededication

Militia Reenactment, mourning song

Placing flowers on graves at rededication ceremony


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