Captain James K Vardaman Jr. (~1893-1972) - US Navy,
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Captain James K. Vardaman Jr. 1945

President Truman June 1945 with Captain James K. Vardaman

President Truman &
James K. Vardaman Jr.
20 July 1945

Navy Day Celebrations
27 Oct 1945

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Presidential Naval Aide



Son of former Mississippi Governor and Senator James Kimble Vardaman.

"Another crony also got a cushy financial job. Brusque, grey Commodore James K. Vardaman Jr., the President's Naval Aide, was nominated for a 14-year term on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Jake Vardaman was born in Mississippi, the son of the late rabble-rousing Senator James K. Vardaman. He studied law at the University of Mississippi and Millsaps College, finally moved to St. Louis. There he was banker, lawyer and head of a shoe company. An artillery captain in World War I (not in Harry Truman's battery), he joined the Naval Reserve in 1939, was on Okinawa when the President called him home to be naval aide. Since then he has been a constant White House adviser."

TIME Magazine,
Monday, Jan. 28, 1946

May 8, 1945 Clearfield Progress, PA


Jan 25, 1946 Clearfield Progress, PA &
Feb 1, 1946 Dixon Evening Telegraph, IL

April 6, 1946 Coshocton Tribune, OH

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