William Vardeman II (~1730-1796)

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William II Vardeman in Virginia Index for serving in Dunmore's Expedition in 1774

Source: Military Records, Virginia, 1774, Library of Virginia Source Record

Pay Lists for Capt Campbells Company, Lord Dunsmore's War, 1774

Excellent summary on the battle of Point Pleasant. At bottom of the article:

1. click on Pay Lists for Capt Campbell's Company

2. In Pay List 1 go to page 9 to see William Vardeman.

This militia would have marched from Wythe Co. to where the New River joins the Ohio River.




Age: 66

William Vardeman, Jr., was a first Lieutenant in the Bedford County militia during the American Revolution.

State: Virginia, Georgia

Married: 1951 or 1952

# of Children: 5

William II Vardeman was born around 1730 in Goochland County, Virginia Or Pennsylvania and passed away in Wilkes County, Georgia around 1796 according to Jack Vardaman's research.

Feb. 24, 1778 Military records, Robert Irvine, William Verdiman  Edward Franklin, and Owen Franklin rec. to his excellency the governor as proper persons to act as ensigns.

Source: Bedford Co., VA, Order Book 6, p. 141 & p. 146

May 24, 1779 Military records, William Vardeman (William Vardeman II) takes Bedford Militia Oath as 1st Lieutenant.

Source: Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, J.T. McAllister, 1989, Heritage Books Inc., p. 189

Source: Virginians in the Revolutionary War, Bedford Co., VA, Order Book 6, p. 24

Autumn, 1779 Interview, “…… In the fall of 79, removed to Ky & settled within three miles of the Crab Orchard & the family took part in the Early Indian wars – John Vardeman (II), the father of Jeremiah, was too old to take an active part in the wars – but stood guard - his three sons, Whm, Amaziah, & Morgan (my informant) all were frequently engaged in the Indian wars – his eldest son Wm. was at the Point Battle (battle of Point Pleasant), & settled first in Ky, & finally in the Natchez county: ….”

Source: Lyman Copeland Draper Manuscripts, Kentucky Papers, Reel 12 C, pages 63, Interview with Morgan Vardeman, son of John Vardeman Jr., conducted May 25-26th 1868, probably in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

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