Richard "Dick" Henry Vardiman (1871-1949)       

Shelby County, Kentucky & Saline County, Missouri


1939 Vardiman Family Reunion
Richard Henry's Family

(Ages in 1939 at reunion)

Richard Henry Vardiman
b. 1871 (age 68) left side

Mary Caldonia "Callie" Smith, Richard's wife, had passed away in 1930

They had 8 children, not sure who is who in the photo so by age:

1. Rena b. 1898 (age 41)
Husband, Thomas "Jeff" Uzzell 
Daughter, Phyllis b. 1930 (age 9)

2. Nellie b. 1900 (age 39)
Husband, Charlie Brown
3 Children: Janice, Richard &
Jesse (b. 1930) (age 9)

3. Claude Phillip “Jack” b. 1901 (age 38)
Wife, Beatrice 2 Children: Sam & Gertrude

4. Bonnie not present, passed away in 1910 at 6 years old

5. Irvin b. 1908 (age 31)
Wife, Velma, Son, Stephan (not born yet)

6. Jeremiah “Jerry” Thomas b. 1910
(age 29)
Wife, Alma, 2 girls: Mary Ester b. 1935, Elizabeth Ruth “Betty” b. 1936

7. William Francis “Bill” b. 1913 (age 26)
Wife, Velma Beatrice and son, Kenny, may not have been born yet, need birthdate.

8. Mary Elizabeth b. 1915 (age 24)
Husband, Charlie Staples married 1931, no known children


Age at Death: 78

Occupation: Foreman, R.R.

State: Kentucky & Missouri

# of Children: 8

~1911 at Dick & Callie's
Click on photo to enlarge and see labeled

Miles, John Peter, Richard Henry, Lizzie & Fannie were 5 of 11 Vardiman siblings

Luella Mae & Callie Smith were sisters who married Vardiman brothers, John Peter and Richard Henry

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

11 Adult Siblings of John Thomas & Cornelia Vardiman

John Peter & Luella Mae's home in Marshall, MO ~ 1944-1945

Left Side:
Richard Henry's Daughter-in-law, Irvin's wife, Velma and grandson, Steve

Right Side:
Wife of Richard's nephew, Johnny,
Luetta, with son, Bill


  • Wife - Mary Caldonia "Callie" Smith

  • Daughter - Rena B. Vardeman

  • Daughter - Nellie B. Vardeman

  • Son - Claude Phillip "Jack" Vardeman

  • Daughter - Bonnie M. Vardeman

  • Son - Irvin R. Vardeman

  • Son - Jeremiah "Jerry" Thomas Vardeman

  • Son - William Francis "Bill"

  • Daughter - Mary Elizabeth Vardeman

Death Certificate
22 May 1949


Re: 1939 Vardiman Family Reunion Richard Henry's Family

"OK - I agree that the man on the left is Richard. Rena lived in Kansas City and I vaguely remember her - she was married to a man named Jeff Uzzell and I believe they are the couple on the far right. Next to Jeff is Irvin and his wife Velma in the black dress. I think that might be Irvin's brother next to him. Can't recall his name and none on your list look familiar. I do remember his wife was also named Velma and the lady to his right looks familiar. They all lived in Kansas City and used to visit us once in awhile. On Bud's chart he doesn't have any children listed under Richard. At the bottom of the page he states, "Mary Caldonia Smith was Luella May Smith's sister. Richard H. Vardeman was John Peter Vardiman's brother and John Peter married Luella May Smith. That would confirm that suspicion." 

Email from Shirley Vardiman Anderson 9 July 2010

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