Margaret May "Maggie" Vardiman Self (1885-1964)       

Saline County, Missouri


Margaret and Emmet Self


Joseph Vardiman "JV"
Ruby Murle
Lucy Beryle


Age: 79

State: Missouri

# of Children: 6

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I believe they are labeled according to birth order, not in the order they are standing.

Joshua and JV moved out to California near their Dad's brother's families so were probably not at the
1939 reunion.


1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

11 Adult Children of
John Thomas & Cornelia

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

Same photo as left, different source

Connie was 20 years older than her twin sisters.  She had three children with Harry Gillam:  Margie, Bud and Harry. After her first husband passed away she married Harry Breze.


Maggie's twin daughters were born
9 May 1929. They were 10 years old at the Vardiman Family Reunion and the youngest grandchildren of John Thomas and Cornelia Vardiman. They are closer in age to their second cousins.


Lucy married Glen Sullivan and they have 5 children, 16 grand children and 18 great grandchildren with another one on the way due in 2011.

Lucy and Glen have lived in the same house they bought when their youngest child, Terry Glen, was 3 months old in Slater, Missouri.

Photo labeled by Lucy Self Sullivan

Margie Gillam Miller was Connie Self Gillam's daughter, Maggie's Granddaughter. Margie lived in Oregon and that is her son Bruce Miller visiting with her great uncle and aunts.  Uncle Jerry lived in Oregon also.



Maggie and Emmet Self

"I think they had a wonderful marriage.  When I was little and later in my teens you could see the devotion they had for each other.  Aunt Maggie had a massive stroke and was in a coma for many years.  I don't think many husbands would take care of their wives like Uncle Emmet did.  All those years she was in a coma he was seldom not by her side taking care of her needs.  He was a nice person and it was a joy to be around him.  He knew the Missouri river and all its tributaries and told us where some good fishing holes were.  We caught a lot of fish taking his advice."

Letter from Dongene Yokeley (Grace Vardiman Nall's Grandson) 23 November 2010

According to Union Cemetery Tombstone records:

Self, Emmet "Father" Span. Amer. Co. 1, 17 Inft. Pri. First Class b. 14 Jan 1880 d. 4 Nov 1972

Self, Margaet M. "Mother" b. 17 June 1885 d. 31 May 1964

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