Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gaimes Vardiman (1887-1977)       

Saline County, Missouri


Mother - Cornelia "Nellie",
Lizzie & Frances "Fannie"


Age: 90

State: Missouri

Never Married

# of Children: 0

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1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

11 Adult Siblings of John Thomas & Cornelia Vardiman

Lizzie at Ha Ha Tonka


Before 1921

Miles, John Peter, Richard Henry, Lizzie & Fannie were 5 of 11 Vardiman siblings

Luella Mae & Callie Smith were sisters who married Vardiman brothers, John Peter and Richard Henry

Maybe 1939 Vardiman Family Reunion
Left to Right:
Miles, Grace, Bonnie, Maggie, Lizzie, Frances, John Peter

Photo labeled by Lucy Self Sullivan

Margie Gillam Miller was Connie Self Gillam's daughter, Maggie's Granddaughter. Margie lived in Oregon and that is her son Bruce Miller visiting with her great uncle and aunts.  Uncle Jerry lived in Oregon also.

Left to Right: Loveva "Lula" (Hiram's Wife), Hiram, Unknown, Jerry, Lizzie, Frances

Frances and Lizzie

Aunt Lizzie and Frances

"When us kids were young we liked to go to our Aunts and look through their Stereoscope, and look at pictures in their National Geographic magazines.  What a collection, one whole wall with shelves holding only the National Geographic magazines.  Mom always reminded us to be on our best behavior and make sure our hands were clean when looking at those magazines.  They kept their home in immaculate order.  They were both very nice to us.  Aunt Lizzy so friendly.  Aunt Francis would have made a good teacher, as she kept her eyes on us.  All and all it was a joy to go to their house. "

Letter from Dongene Yokeley 23 November 2010


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