Ernest Johnson Vardiman (1867-1956)       

Shelby County, Kentucky & Saline County, Missouri


August 1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion - Same photo as above from different source


Age: 89

Occupation: Blacksmith - wagons

State: Kentucky, Missouri

# of Children: 0

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

Ernest's Family

Ernest Johnson Vardiman b. 1867
(age 72) right side

Lizzie Elliott Vardiman, Ernest's wife
(age 68)

Edward (age 39)
Albert (age 37)
& his wife

Albert Vardiman's Family from
Moberly, Missouri


Death Certificate
2 August 1956


Need to verify this is the correct death certificate. Birthdate and death place do not match database and mother's name shows Sallie Gaines rather than Cornelia Gaimes.
The death date and wife's name matches and father was John Thomas.

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