2016 Vardiman Family Reunion

7 April 2016 - 9 April 2016, Tucson, Arizona

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Phillip Miles Vardiman

Louise Carter Vardiman


Larry Vardiman

Jeannette Vardiman

Rode train from Seattle, Washington

Michelle Fansler

Larry and Jeannette's daughter,
flew in from Spokane, Washington

Bill Vardiman

Billie Vardiman

Drove from Marshall, Missouri

Steve Vardiman

couldn't come because he was caring for Dianne through cancer treatment. They did send a photo "for the Post Office wall."

Mary Phil Koger

Bob Koger

Mary Phil is near the end of her chemo treatments, but felt ok enough to come! They flew in from Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Anne Kurtz

Ted Kurtz

Live in Tuscon, Arizona

David and Debbie Vardiman

Drove from Lead, South Dakota to Denver, Colorado then flew in

Ted and Anne's house

One of the largest trees in the neighborhood


Ted and Anne's house

The Vardiman family reunion was held at Ted and Anne's home in Tucson, Arizona and lasted for 3 days from April 7-9, 2016.  We stayed in hotels near Ted and Anne's home.

Thursday, April 7th
Arrival day.  Family members arrived at Ted and Anne's home by 6 pm for a catered barbeque and story time while watching black and white silent movies from childhood and reminiscing.


Bob and Mary Phil made the grandest entrance with their clown wigs!

Does anyone have a photo that is not blurry?

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Our reunion started in the evening with a catered barbecue buffet in Ted and Anne's backyard!

It rained Thursday night. Anne's church friends prayed the weather would clear up for us and it did!


Link to childhood family video, 49 minutes long, narrated during 2016 reunion.

Friday, April 8th
We ate brunch at Ted and Anne's house then went to the Mesquite Valley Growers where we did a scavenger hunt for five clues throughout the nursery, which ended in the gift shop where we each received a mug and a $5 gift card.

Next, some of us went on to the Mini-Time Museum where we looked at miniature collections.  We ate a wonderful picnic lunch that Ted and Anne had prepared.

After afternoon naps at our individual hotels we met at Harvest Restaurant where we ate our wonderful meals on the outside patio while the sun set over the Tucson skyline.

Mesquite Valley Growers - Anne planned a scavenger hunt in a nursery because we all love flowers.

View of the nursery with mountains in the background.

Five clues led us through different sections of the nursery.

Gifts at end of scavenger hunt - reunion mug and jelly.

Picnic outside the Mini-Time Museum

Gluten free sugar cookies made by Ted and Anne. Black sesame seeds on top!







Saturday, April 9th
We met at HF Coors Gift shop at 11:30 am.  Adolph Coors, who started the Coors brewery company in 1873 in Goldon, Colorado. Coors was one of the few breweries that survived the prohibition (1920-1933) by opening porcelain, cement, and real estate companies.  The oldest son Adolph Jr. continued with the brewery, and the youngest son Herman continued with the porcelain company. Herman moved the headquarters to California.  Eventually the company was purchased by some employees, not related to the Coors family, and the headquarters was moved to Tucson, Arizona. We enjoyed looking at the dinnerware and purchasing a few items.

Next, we went to the Tumacacori Mesquite Saw Mill Tour.  The husband is Hispanic and the wife is Navajo Indian.  She explained how the wood is obtained from various means from road and house construction, etc. and we watched a plank being cut.  Uncle Bill is into woodworking and makes cutting boards, pizza boards, etc. from exotic woods. He purchased some wood to use for future projects. 

After afternoon naps we went back to Ted and Anne's for a leftover buffet and sat out in their backyard under their gazebo talking about movies, the Civil War, telling stories, and laughing until our bellies hurt. 


HF Coors Gift Shop

Debbie takes the party with her wherever she goes!

Inside the HF Coors Gift shop for some porcelain dinnerware

Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill Tour

Jeannette and Michelle waiting for the Sawmill Tour

Bill branding the cutting boards he made for Debbie.

Anne has a theory that the Vardimans are gluten intolerant. Here's a cookbook she recommends.

How to prepare gluten free flour for cookies.

How to prepare gluten free flour for piecrusts.

Anne and Ted have found this gluten free pie crust is better than traditional flour pie crust.

Anne with Bailey, sister cat

Baxter, brother cat

Anne has her own massage clinic on the side of the house.

Tulsi tea,  Anne recommends for immune support and stress relief.

Anne recommends this whole food supplement.

Anne started taking art classes. Here is some of her art work.

Written by Michelle Vardiman Fansler 10 April 2016

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