John William "Bill" Vardiman (1943-current)       

Marshall, Saline County, Missouri




Occupation: Farmer & Maintenance

State: Missouri

# of Children: 3

See below photos for narrative


Parents: Johnny & Luetta

John William "Bill" Vardiman
born 3 November 1943
with parents, Johnny & Luetta

 Bill Vardiman
with Grandparents
John Peter & Luella Mae Vardiman

3 Generations
John Peter, Johnny and Bill

2nd Cousins
Velma holding Steve and
Luetta holding Bill

Grandfathers were brothers:
Richard Henry - Steve's Grandfather &
John Peter - Bill's Grandfather

Fathers were 1st cousins:
Irvin Vardiman - Steve's Father
Johnny Vardiman - Bill's Father

Bill's Childhood Home
Johhny & Luetta's Home
RR 2, Box 21, Marshall, MO 65340

Farmer Bill


Bill visiting Uncle Charlie's backyard in Independence, Missouri

Johnny and son, Bill
Corn Harvest
(See story below)

Johnny, Bill on Old Charley

Grandma Luella Mae Vardiman & Bill

"I think this is Bill. I would assume Grandma Vardiman made him a birthday cake. She always made me an angel food cake for my birthday. One year when we couldn't go to Marshall for my birthday, she sent me one in the mail - and it came through in perfect shape. She, of course, made them from scratch, and they were delicious." Shirley Anderson 7/10/10

Corn Harvest

"This photo was taken of Dad and I during corn harvest when it was shucked by hand at the home place. The building in the back ground was Dad's shop. I can't tell you the dog's name, I do not remember him or the name of the horses or the breed. Date, probably the fall of 1945. There is a very interesting story Mom and Dad have told about corn shucking and me. When I was a baby, Dad would take me to the field with him, wrap me up in his work coat and give me a bottle, lay me down in the fence row and shuck corn. He would check on me every round to see I was ok. One day for what reason I don't know, instead of wrapping me up and leaving me in the fence row he put me in the very back of the wagon, went about shucking corn. When he came in at noon for dinner Mom asked him where Bill was? Mom said he jumped up from the table, ran out to the load of corn, lowered the end gate and began throwing corn every where until he dug me out, unhurt and sound asleep. I know it may sound a little wild--TRUE story."

Email from Bill Vardiman 7/8/10

November 1946

Left to Right:
Charles and Emma,
Gladys and Miles Edman "Eddie", Luetta and "Johnny" (Their son, Bill, sitting on ground in front)
This picture was taken in November, 1946 probably at Thanksgiving - they rotated dinners.

Bill with brother Chuck

Chuck and Bill

Johnny & Luetta's with sons:
Bill & Chuck

Bill - 11 years old

Bill Vardiman

Luella Mae with grandchildren: Bill, Chuck and Mary "Sis"

Bill & his siblings:
Chuck & Mary "Sis"  


2nd Cousins - Missouri
Phil & Louise's children &
Johnny & Luetta's children
(Left Side, Tallest girl is Billie,
Bill's future wife)

Future Farmers of America
Marshall High School

25 May 1961
Bill's High School Graduation

Bill in military (1965-1969)

Bill and Billie married
9 August 1969

Billie Vardiman

Children: Johnene, Phillip and Sarah


1987 Bill & Billie Vardiman's Family at Vardiman Family Reunion
in Colorado
Left to Right: Phillip, Billie,
Bill holding Sarah, Johnene

Left to Right:
Bill, Mary "Sis" and Chuck

Bill & Billie Vardiman

Grandfathers were brothers:
John Peter - Bill's Grandfather &
Miles Standish - Billie's Grandfather


Bill was born 3 November 1943 in Marshall, Missouri (Saline County)


"I attended Elgin R-12 1st - 8th grade,
graduated from Marshall High school Class of 1961
and received my Associated in Agriculture Business Management From State Fair Community College in Sedalia Mo 1980.

Military Service (1965-1969)

I served in the United States Army from April 1965 - March 1969
Basic training at Ft Leonard Wood Mo. Echo Company, 5th Battalion, 3rd Training Regiment.
Radio Intercept School Army Security Agency, Ft Devens Mass.
Assigned to B Company 16th United States Army Security Agency
16th Field Station in Herzogenaurach Germany April 1966 -March 1969 when I was Honorably Discharged.
From Feb 1986 - Jan 2001 I served with the Saline County Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Axillary.


I retired from Con Agra Frozen Food Marshall, Mo Production Plant In January of 2007 after 25 years as parts man for the maintenance department."

Email from Bill Vardiman 2 July 2010

"Luetta Ballard was born January 09, 1920" in Saline County, Missouri. "Her mother, Rosina, and her Dad, William R. (Bill) Ballard, lived and made a living at RR2, Box 20 Marshall, Missouri from 1923 till they both finally passed away, Rosina in 1966 and Bill Ballard in 1969.  Bill's mother, Luetta, grew up on this little 32.65 acre farm from age 3 on.

The farm belonged to Johnny and Luetta Vardiman after they bought her brother's inherited half from him and his wife and rented that half out until Bill and Billie Vardiman bought the farm in 1973 when it was vacated by the last renters..  The original homesteaded property of 32.64 acres had been intact from about 1854 on, till this year, 2010." (See Billie Vardiman's page for details)

Emails from Billie Vardiman 3 July 2010 and 5 July 2010

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