John "Johnny" Wesley Vardiman (1899-1984)       

Saline County, Missouri




Age at Death: 85

Occupation: Farmer

State: Missouri

# of Children: 3

"Spelling for Vardiman (my family) is with an "i" except for Eddie who changed his to an "e" when he was in high school.  Various documents for my grandparents (John Peter and Luella Mae) have it both ways." 
Shirley Anderson, daughter of Charles Henry and Emma Henrietta (Jensen) Vardiman.


Johnny's Childhood Home
John Peter & Luella Vardiman Home
721 N. Jefferson
Marshall, MO

John Peter and
Luella Vardiman Home

John "Johnny" Wesley Vardiman as a baby

Eddie, Charlie, Johnny,
John Peter & Luella,
Shirley & Bud in front (Charlie's kids)

Left to Right:
Charlie, Eddie, John Peter,
Luella Mae and Johnny

Myrtie Amelia Johnson
Johnny's first wife
of 13 years, 1924-1937. No children.


Johnny and Myrtie

Johnny purchased this farm house in 1927
RR 2, Box 21, Marshall, MO 65340

Johnny & Luetta married
24 August 1939

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion 


3 Generations - John Peter, Johnny & Bill 1943

Johnny teaching son, Bill, farming

Corn Harvest
(See story below)

Corn Harvest

"This photo was taken of Dad and I during corn harvest when it was shucked by hand at the home place. The building in the back ground was Dad's shop. I can't tell you the dog's name, I do not remember him or the name of the horses or the breed. Date, probably the fall of 1945. There is a very interesting story Mom and Dad have told about corn shucking and me. When I was a baby, Dad would take me to the field with him, wrap me up in his work coat and give me a bottle, lay me down in the fence row and shuck corn. He would check on me every round to see I was ok. One day for what reason I don't know, instead of wrapping me up and leaving me in the fence row he put me in the very back of the wagon, went about shucking corn. When he came in at noon for dinner Mom asked him where Bill was? Mom said he jumped up from the table, ran out to the load of corn, lowered the end gate and began throwing corn every where until he dug me out, unhurt and sound asleep. I know it may sound a little wild--TRUE story."

Email from Bill Vardiman 7/8/10


November 1946

Left to Right:
Charles and Emma,
Gladys and Miles Edman "Eddie", Luetta and "Johnny" (Their son, Bill, sitting on ground in front)
This picture was taken in November, 1946 probably at Thanksgiving - they rotated dinners.

1955 - Luella Mae Vardeman with her three sons (Charles, Johnny and Miles Edman "Eddie")  and daughters-in-law.


Johnny & Luetta's Children:
Bill & Chuck

Johnny with his son, Chuck

Johnny & Luetta's children:
Chuck, Mary "Sis" and Bill


Johnny and Luetta

Johnny with his mom, Luella Mae


Johnny's Funeral Service 1984

Johnny Vardiman

"Johnny was born June or July 06, 1899" in Saline County, Missouri. Johnny married Myrtie Amelia Johnson
24 April 1924 in Saline County, Missouri and they bought a farm in 1927 when Johnny was 28 years old at
RR 2, Box 21, Marshall, MO 65340,  just a 1/4 mile down the road from Luetta Ballard's family who had moved there in 1923. That address is now 18007 Indiana Lane, Marshall, MO 65340" due to Saline County changes for 911 purposes. The neighbor girl, Luetta (Johnny's future 2nd wife), was 7 years old at the time Johnny and Myrtie moved in next door. Email from Billie Vardiman 5 July 2010 and
Legacy Genealogy Program compiled from Jack Vardaman, David Vardiman and Michelle Vardiman's data

"When I was little, Johnny would come every Saturday to deliver eggs to his customers in Marshall, MO.  Grandma Grace Nall lived on one end of the block while my Great Aunts Lizzy and Francis lived on the other end. When we were living at Grandma's I couldn't wait for Saturdays hoping to catch Johnny at my Aunt's house.  When I saw his car I would run as fast as I could so I wouldn't miss him. Every time Johnny would throw me up in the air and catch me a few times. Johnny was slimly built but very strong.  He had a Model-A coup with a rumble seat, unlike most cars in Marshall.  Every once in a while he would take me and my brother, Bill for a short drive.   We sat in the rumble seat and felt like royalty."
Letter from Dongene Yokeley 23 November 2010

Johnny's First Wife:

"Mertie or Murtie Vardiman who was married to J.W. Vardiman which would have been John Wesley Vardiman who was Bill's Dad and Murtie was his first wife of 13 years. She died of pneumonia or a heart condition or something."
Email from Billie Vardiman 22 June 2010

"John had a farm in Marshall and we had a lot of good times there. He was married to Myrtie who died in 1937. He later married Luetta Ballard and they had three children, Bill, Chuck and Mary. These children were a lot younger than I was and I moved to Denver when they were quite young, so I never got to know them real well."
Written in February, 2006 (As I approach my 80th birthday)

"The correct spelling for Johnny’s first wife is Myrtie. There is an obituary article on John Wesley Vardiman’s page, but it doesn’t have a date. They were married in 1924 and if they were married 13 years, she would have died in 1937. John and Luetta were married in 1939 so that was two years later. I distinctly remember hearing that Myrtie died of a heart attack." Email from Shirley Vardiman Anderson 13 February 2012

Johnny's Second Wife and Children:

"Then he married Luetta Doris Ballard Vardiman, who is Bill's Mom. Mertie and Johnny did not have any children. Johnny married Luetta, He was 39 and she was 19 when they married and she was the neighbor girl just down the road literally. They married in 1939 and he died in 1984. They had the three children, John William (Bill) Vardiman, Charles (Chuck) Edman Vardiman and Marietta Mae (Sis) Vardiman Towns each approximately 5 years apart."
Email from Billie Vardiman 22 June 2010

"Johnny, age 39, and Luetta, age 19, eloped and married August 1939 down in South Missouri.  She therefore lived just down the road from her parents in her new home with Johnny from 1939 on where Bill and his brother and sister grew up.  So, with a little calculation that I just now did, it looks as if in reality, Johnny was actually 40 when they got married in August 1939.  I was always told that he was 39, but I guess he had just turned 40 the month before."
Email from Billie Vardiman 5 July 2010

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