Ann Lueece Vardiman (1952-Present)       

Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Washington, Texas




Occupation: Masseuse

State: Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Washington, Arizona

# of Children: 0

See below photos for narrative


Ann Lueece was born  in Fort Hays, Ellis County, Kansas on 7 Oct 1952 during the family's move from Texas back to Missouri.


About 1954-1955
Back Row: Grandma Molly Vardiman holding David, Larry holding Ann Lueece, Mary Phil, Billie, Grandpa & Grandma Carter with Steve in front of them

Moved to St. Louis, MO


Christmas 1954 - St. Louis, MO
Back Row: Billie, Louise holding David, Phil holding Ann Lueece, Larry
Front Row: Steve & Mary Phil

Ann at David's 1st Birthday Feb. 1955

St. Louis, Missouri (1952 - 1956)

"Old house at Yale and Dale in St. Louis, MO." Email from David Vardiman.

Carter Side

Back Row: Aunt Mary, Cousin Carol, Larry, Billie, Phil
Middle Row: Uncle Frank Carter, Grandpa & Grandma Carter, Louise
Front Row: David, Ann Lueece, Mary Phil, Cousin Mary Ann, Steve

Ann Age 4-7
Columbia, IL


Columbia, Illinois (1956 - 1959)

"These were taken at Grandpa and Grandma Carter's in Kirksville, MO. The first and second photo is their backyard, the third is on a little bridge over an irrigation ditch which separated their garden from their yard. It was a cool house and we really enjoyed going there, however, Grandma Carter was bed ridden in her later days and we had to spend a lot of time outside because we were too loud for the house. They cooked on a wood fired kitchen stove and had coal stoves in the living room only, no heat upstairs for the guest rooms. I am wearing the white winter hat, Ann has the white muff and the hat with the brown or black fur trim, Mary Ann Carter (cousin, daughter of Frank and Mary Carter) is wearing glasses and has her hands in her pockets. I do not know for sure about the girl in the checked coat, could be Mary Phil as she is taller than Ann in the middle photo?"

Email from David Vardiman 15 November 2010

Ann Age 7-16
Pacific, MO

Ann age 9 in 1961

Pacific Elementary School,
6th Grade

Mom, Louise's pretty dinner table.
Ann, left side in middle.

Back Row:
Steve, Billie, Mary Phil, Larry
Front Row:
Louise, Ann Lueece, David, Phil


GAs, Girl's Auxilary. Ceremony was crowning princesses into the senior GAs. David holding pillow, Mary Phil in middle. Ann on left in green dress.

Girls Auxilary (GA's)

Ann's kittens

Pacific, Missouri (1959-1968)

"GAs was an organization similar to Girl Scouts except with Christian goals and objectives. (If I'm not mistaken, the boy's equivalent was called RAs. Don't remember what that stood for but Regent's Auxilary pops up in my mind. May not be correct). There was a list of tasks and projects that had to be completed at each age/level. As I remember it was Bible drills, writing and speaking about various religious historical events, some projects related to the church such as helping clean or helping with the lower grade Sunday School activities. When you completed the levels and were approximately 13 or 14 generally, you were crowned princess or queen (I can't remember which) in a ceremony in front of the church congregation. You had pages (David) who carried each girl's crown during the ceremony on a pillow. Don't remember who is the girl is but I think she carried a little white bible for the ceremony. Not Ann Lueece because she was also one of the girls being recognized in the same ceremony for completing her level/age requirements."

Email from Mary Phil Vardiman Koger sent 29 July 2010

"I remember Grandma Lou, Ann Lueece's mom, saying Ann liked kittens so much her nickname was Kitty Ann".
16 November 2010 Michelle Vardiman Fansler

Larry & Jeannette Vardiman's
Wedding Rehearsal - 1965
Ann on left holding unknown baby

Grandma Molly Vardiman with grandkids from Billie to David

Back Row: Steve, Billie, Phil, Louise, Larry, Mary Phil
Front Row: David & Ann Lueece


~ 1966 - Pacific, Missouri
Ann Lueece on left, David sitting on wall, Mary Phil on right with dog in her lap

Ann on swing with beagle

Middle Photo: "The structures in the back were a 1 car detached garage in Pacific, Missouri and a bird bath. Big dog is Brownie, our family dog. The beagles are littermates that Dad got me for my 16th birthday. Put them in a plastic laundry basket in Ann Lueece's and my room to surprise me morning of birthday. They got out and pooped all over our room. Dad built a work shed and concrete run with 8' fence to keep them in. There was a tree beside the fence. The dogs would climb the fence, get out on the limb of the tree and jump down on the other side of the fence. They'd run for hours hunting and come back exhausted. Never could keep them locked up. Don't remember their names. One was killed (hit by car) chasing a scent across the highway. Dad didn't believe much in pets that didn't have a working purpose. The only reason we had Brownie was that she was to help with herding the livestock when we lived on the farm in Illinois. She was not allowed in the house. We had cats, ducks (ended up trying to eat the ducks but Daddy fed them bad food and we couldn't eat), chickens, and one other dog (Sandy a lab I think that got bitten by a raccoon and died). Daddy wasn't great at vaccinating, so often the animals died of various preventable diseases. We had a graveyard in the back yard where it seems we buried an awful lot of animals and put popsicle stick grave markers for them."

Email from Mary Phil Vardiman Koger sent 29 July 2010

1966 - Ann at Daytona Beach Family Vacation

Daytona Beach, Florida
David and Anne Lueece (Ann)
Family Vacation Winter 1966


1966 - Anne Lueece and Mary Phil at
Daytona Beach

"This was a fantastic midwinter vacation. The only one we ever took as a family. We had never gone out of Missouri for a vacation in winter before. I was playing basketball and had gotten injured two weeks before we were to leave and the doctor was threatening not to allow me to go. I was really scared that we would have to cancel the trip. We left and drove for 2-3 days across, Kentucky and Tennessee in ice storms and on into Georgia and on south to Lady Lake, FL. Dad had rented a cabin in the middle of the orange groves from a friend at work. We did day trips out of here. The weather was great, oranges and other fruit were readily picked in the yard and neighboring orchards. The cabin was small and really shabby! We celebrated Christmas on the way there when mom bought a fake Christmas tree about 2 feet tall to have in our motel room. I remember getting a race car track, really cool! We went to Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, St. Augustine, Ponce de Leon' fountain of youth (tourist trap), Miami, Edison's winter house and lab, Sanibel Island. Sanibel Island was my favorite as we collected lots of seashells and sand dollars. I really enjoyed Cape Canaveral as well. I did not want to come home. We had so much fun! Ann is standing on the rock. I remember Mom slipping on those rocks and cut up her leg and it got infected. "

Email from David Vardiman 15 November 2010

Ann at School




Louise and daughter, Ann

Ted and Ann

Here's the dates and places we've lived:

Cape Girardeau, Missouri (1968-1971) [Anne]

Joplin, Missouri (1971-1972) [Ted & Anne]

Rochester, New York (1972-1977) [Ted & Anne]

Prescott, Pasco, Seattle, WA (1977-1989) [Ted & Anne]

Tucson, AZ (1989-Present) [Ted & Anne]

Email from Ted and Anne Kurtz 25 Jan 2012

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