William Vardeman II, (1774) Indian Wars

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William Vardeman III          b. b 1764, d. 1816

Autumn, 1779 Interview, “…… In the fall of 79, removed to Ky & settled within three miles of the Crab Orchard & took part the family took part in the Early Indian wars – John Vardeman (II), the father of Jeremiah, was too old to take an active part in the wars – but stood guard - his three sons, Whm, Amaziah, & Morgan (my informat) all were frequently engaged in the Indian wars – his eldest son Wm. was at the Point Battle (battle of Point Pleasant), & settled first in Ky, & finally in the Natchez county: ….”

Source: Lyman Copeland Draper Manuscripts, Kentucky Papers, Reel 12 C, pages 63, Interview with Morgan Vardeman, son of John Vardeman Jr., conducted May 25-26th 1868, probably in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Provided by David Vardiman

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