Victor Fansler - US Navy

(Husband of Michelle Vardiman)

Military Service: 1989-1999

Victor Fansler - Bootcamp Graduation 1990
22 years old

Vic enlisted in Navy 1 Dec 1989 at 22 years oldd



Occupation: Information Technology

State: California, Idaho

# of Children: 2

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USS Lake Champlain

Vic at Tomahawk Console


Victor and Michelle dating went on Dependants Cruise 24 May 1991

Tomahawk Missile Launch

Vic with Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines in background covered in ash 1991

Vic's first 6 month West Pac

Homecoming 25 November 1991 met by Mom, Frances Fansler and
girlfriend, Michelle

Victor & Michelle Fansler Wedding 29 Feb 1992
with Parents
Larry & Jeannette Vardiman
Roy & Francie Fansler

Vic's Family at Victor & Michelle's Wedding 29 February 1992


Victor and Michelle Fansler newlyweds at La Jolla Beach, CA 29 Feb 1992

April 1994 Homecoming from 6 week Drug Pac, Michelle expecting Spencer

July 1995 Homecoming from third West Pac  with wife, Michelle and Son, Spencer  - 7 months old

July 1995 Homecoming with
wife - Michelle, son - Spencer and
in-laws - Larry & Jeannette Vardiman

1999 Navy Whites in front of military housing during shore command before getting out.

Victor joined the US Navy as an FC (E2) Firecontrolman (Tomahawk Missiles) in 1989. He went to boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Base in Gurney, Illinois. He completed A school in San Diego County.

He was stationed on the USS Lake Champlain (A guided Missile Cruiser) for 4 years and completed three, six-month deployments (West Pacs) to the Persian Gulf.

June-Nov 1991 - He participated in the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm with the USS Lake Champlain protecting the carrier, Abraham Lincoln. He came close to firing a tomahawk missile but missed the "opportunity" by two weeks as the ship that relieved the USS Lake Champlain ended up firing several missiles. He did get to launch a tomahawk missile during training off the coast of California which caused garage doors to go up and down all over San Diego county and the anomaly was reported in the news without an explanation.  The missile blew up in the target area in Arizona.

On the way to the Persian Gulf the ship stopped in the Philippines to evacuate over 800 military dependants after Mt. Pinatubo started erupting on June 9, 1991. This was called Operation Fiery Vigil. Read Letter.

Operation Tidal Wave was a six week deployment in 1994 along the coast of South America where the crew "completed one of the most successful and largest counter-narcotic operations in maritime history" seizing "$250 million of cocaine". Read Article.

Finishing out his Navy career as an E5 he was stationed for shore command at FCTCPAC (Fleet Combat Training Center of the Pacific) in San Diego where he taught new recruits about the Tomahawk cruise missiles. He volunteered in the computer department over and above his regular teaching duties and was trained as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) which allowed him to transition to civilian life after 10 years in the US Navy. Honorable Discharge December 1999.

1999-2005      Vic worked for SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in San Diego, CA in the IT
(Information Technology) department.
Moved family to North Idaho Thanksgiving week 2004 for lower cost of living and better lifestyle
2005-2009      Vic worked at Silverwood Amusement Park in North Idaho as the IT manager
2009-present  Vic works at Post Falls Police Department in the IT department

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