Thomas Franklin "Frank" Carter, 1885-1982

b.  Overland, Mcpherson County, Kansas d. Lake Charles, Calcasieu County, LA


Thomas Franklin Carter on his wedding day to Grace Caroline Blanchet
26 March 1908


Age: 96


State: Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana

# of Children: 6

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Richard and Nanny Carter with grandson, Charlie (Thomas Franklin's Parents and nephew)


Thomas Franklin Carter & Grace Caroline Blanchet (2nd cousins) Married 1908

Grace Caroline holding son Leland Carter

Thomas Franklin & Grace Caroline Carter Family
Children: Anna, Louise and Frank


Daughter, Anna Carter

Daughter, Louise Carter

Son, Frank Carter, Fighter 1921-?
Pilot in WWII

Thomas Franklin Carter

Thomas Franklin Carter

Thomas Franklin and Grace Caroline Carter

Louise & Phil Vardiman Wedding Day
15 August 1940

Frank Carter married
Mary Campbell
29 October 1944


Thomas Franklin and Grace Caroline Carter, Louise's parents about 1950
Grace passed away in 1962 at 78 years old

Thomas Franklin Carter (78) married Mae Dugan (75)
7 March 1964
Hannibal, MO

Louise and her brother, Frank at their father, Thomas Franklin Carter's wedding to Mae Dugan.

1964 Carter Wedding with Frank and Louise's families. All of Thomas Franklin Carter's Grandchildren.

High School Grad 1964
with Frank & Mae Carter

Phil & Louise Vardiman Family about 1965

Back Row: Steve, Billie, Phil, Louise, Larry, Mary Phil
Front Row: David, Ann Lueece

Mary Ann Carter married Thomas Frederick Berkey
27 Sept 1975

Mary & Frank Carter middle, Carol Jean Carter on right

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