Grace Caroline Blanchet, 1883-1962

b.  Dry Ridge, Grant County, Kentucky   d. Kirksville, Adair County, MO

(buried in Grandview Cemetery Hannibal, MO)


Grace Caroline Blanchet
on her wedding day to Thomas Franklin Carter
26 March 1908


Age: 79

Occupation: Housewife

State: Kentucky, Missouri

# of Children: 6

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William Henry Harrison Carter Family 1890s


Grace Caroline's Parents and sisters:
Lovinski "Lovee" and Angeline Carter Blanchet

Three girls:

Grace Caroline, Anna Isabel and Fleurie Pearl (right two ladies, unknown)

Grace Caroline Carter - College Days

Thomas Franklin Carter & Grace Caroline Blanchet (2nd cousins) Married 1908

Grace Caroline Blanchet Carter holding son Leland Thomas Carter.

Carter Family in 1922
Children: Anna, Louise and Frank

Starting a Family

The first attempts to start a family ended in grief in 1908 & 1910.  Both babies were named Evelyn.  The third child, Leland Thomas Carter was born in 1912 with a back deformity and had to be carried everywhere.  He lived until 6 years old and was buried in 1918 in Grandview cemetery in Hannibal, MO along with his sisters. 

Anna Elizabeth Carter was born 7 November 1914 and lived to be 32 years old at which time she died of colon cancer 16 August 1946.  She was also buried at Grandview Cemetery in Hannibal, MO.

Frances Louise Carter was born 30 August 1917 in Salisbury in Chariton County, Missouri and lived to be 82. 

Frank Welborn Carter was born 22 May 1921 and also lived to an advanced age. 

Thomas Franklin and
Grace Carter

Son, Frank Carter,
fighter pilot in WWII

Frank Carter with Mom, Grace Caroline Carter

Louise & Phil Vardiman Wedding Day
15 August 1940

Frank Carter married
Mary Campbell
29 Oct 1944

Anna Carter - Nurse
d. 16 Aug 1946

Phil & Louise Vardiman Family 1955 Living in
St. Louis, MO

Frank & Mary Carter Family Carol Jean b. 1945 and Mary Ann b. 1950

Thomas Franklin and Grace Caroline Carter, about 1950
Grace passed away
20 Nov 1962 at 78 years old

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