2009 Vardiman Family Reunions

April 2009 - Texas,   December 2009 - Washington


Phillip Miles Vardiman


Larry Vardiman




"In April 2009 five out of the six siblings from Phil and Louise Vardiman met in Texas. According to Larry's wife, Jeannette, they enjoyed sitting and visiting and a Texas Barbecue."

Written by Michelle Vardiman Fansler 7/14/10

"Stayed at ranch lodge in Tioga weekend of the Tioga Cowboy festival.  Events were open fire breakfast and craft booths.  Were going to boat on Lake Ray Roberts but ended up it was too windy so spent whole day in the lodge gazebo with all sharing photo albums and Uncle David and Aunt Deb showing slideshow of Vardiman family and history.  Ate at local restaurants (best part of the event!) and at Babe's Chicken (hence the big chicken in the background."

Email from Mary Phil Koger 7/13/2010

"In December 2009 all four of Larry and Jeannette Vardiman's children and their families met on Camano Island, Washington for Christmas."

Written by Michelle Vardiman Fansler 13 July 2010

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