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New Sweden

The Kalmar Nyckel  transported soldiers, settlers & supplies to Fort Christina, New Sweden four times from 1638-1644

12 shiploads of Scandinavian settlers (Swedish & Finish) arrived in New Sweden from

The last boatload of 110 passengers on the Mercurius arrived in March 1656 after New Sweden had been overthrown by the Dutch (New Amsterdam).

Total number of colonists to New Sweden
about 600-700.


Age: ~ 89

Occupation: Immigrant

State: Sweden, New Sweden (Delaware)

# of Children: 4

1) We now know that the family originally settled in Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle County, in what is now the state of Delaware but at the time of the Vardaman immigration (about 1705) was part of the Province of Pennsylvania.

New Castle County, the northernmost of the three counties that would later form the state of Delaware, was originally settled by Swedes in the early 17th century and was a Swedish Colony before coming under first Dutch and later, ca 1674, British control. During the period that these three counties (New Castle, Kent and Sussex) were nominally under the jurisdiction of the Province of Pennsylvania they were generally referred to as “New Castle" (or Kent or Sussex) on the Delaware.

2) The original John Vardaman died in New Castle County (now Delaware) in 1714 at an undetermined age.

(89 years according to this letter)

Although we have no information as to his date of birth, he left 3 minor children at the time of his death, the youngest born ca 1708, and was assuredly not of an advanced age at that time.

Information supplied by Jack Vardaman

According to his will (see below) John's wife's name was Margarett, his grown son Johannes and three minor children:
Christopher, William and Jane.


Vardeman Source Document: 10A

A Calendar of
Delaware Wills
New Castle County

Vardeman Source Document: 10B

17 March 1714

Vardeman Sourcer Document: 11A

21 March 1714

Vardeman Source Documents: 13A

Probate of Will from
5 April 1715


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