Miles Edman "Eddie" Vardeman (1905-1972)       

Saline & Jackson County, Missouri


Eddie, Marshall High School Graduated 1926


Age: 67

Occupation: Operating Engineer

Nickname: Eddie

State: Missouri

# of Children: 0

"Spelling for Vardiman (my family) is with an "i" except for Eddie who changed his to an "e" when he was in high school.  Various documents for my grandparents (John Peter and Luella May) have it both ways." 
Shirley Anderson, daughter of Charles Henry and Emma Henrietta (Jensen) Vardiman.  


Childhood Home

Eddie as a child

Left to Right:
Johnny, Eddie, John Peter,
Luella Mae and Charley

Miles Edman Vardeman
"Eddie", Operating Engineer


Operating Engineer Certification
Kansas City, Missouri


Eddie's Work and Wedding
21 October 1933

Miles "Eddie" &
Gladys Vardeman

Miles "Eddie" & Gladys Vardeman

1939 - John Peter (seated), Luella May, Emma, Charles, Shirley, Luetta, Johnny, Gladys, Eddie and Harry "Bud".

27 years as a Mason

November 1946 - Charles and Emma, Gladys and Edman, Luetta and John (Bill sitting on ground in front)This picture was taken probably at Thanksgiving - they rotated dinners. 

Eddie with his nephew,
Bill Vardiman

1955 - Luella May Vardeman with her three sons (Charles, Johnny and Miles) and daughters-in-law.

Miles Edman "Eddie" Vardeman's
Death Certificate 19 November 1972

Miles' Obituary November 1972

"My Dad had two brothers, Eddie and Johnnie. Eddie lived in Kansas City and lived with us for a short time. He used to love to tell the story about how I got up early one morning and laced his boots for him - I guess I had made many knots and he had quite a time straightening them out. He later married Gladys Babler and they lived various places, eventually buying a house next door to Bud and Florene. Eddie died in 1972 and Gladys in 1986. They did not have any children."

Written in February, 2006 (As I approach my 80th birthday)

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