Harry Lee "Bud" Vardiman (1924-1990)       

Jackson County, Missouri


Harry Lee "Bud"


Age: 66

Nickname: Bud

Occupation: Draftsman
at Butler Manufacturing

State: Missouri

# of Children: 2 step daughters


"Bud" collected genealogy data for many years.  His Family Photo Albums can be viewed by clicking here or to the right.


Charlie, Bud, Great Grandmother Smith (Luella's Mother) and Grandma Vardiman (Luella May)

Bud and I called our
Great Grandmother
"Smith Grandma"
Email from Shirley Vardiman Anderson 21 July 2010

Harry Lee Vardiman "Bud" as a child

Harry Lee "Bud" with his sister,
Shirley Vardiman

Bud and Shirley

Bud and Shirley

Shirley, Bud and Grandpa John Peter Vardiman riding Hazel

Sunday Dinners at Grandparent's farm in  Marshall, MO

John Peter's Farm

John Peter & Luella Vardiman,
Bud and Shirley,
Emma & Charlie

Bud and Shirley with kittens at Grandpa & Grandma Vardiman's  farm

Left to Right: Eddie, Charlie, Johnny,
John Peter and Luella
with Shirley and Bud in front

"back yard at the farm in Marshall"
Email from Shirley Vardiman Anderson 7/21/2010

Bud's Father, Charlie

Bud's Mother, Emma

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion

Bud 15 years old

Left to Right:
Bud's Grandparents: John Peter (seated) & Luella May, Bud's Parents - Emma & Charles, Sister - Shirley,
Aunt Luetta & Uncle John,
Aunt Gladys & Uncle "Eddie"
and Bud (Charles & Emma's Son)

Bud's Rifle Trophy

Bud married Florene 25 June 1947 in Kansas City, Missouri


In High School Bud was in ROTC and on the rifle team. He was very good and won lots of awards. Looks like he is holding a trophy - background doesn't look familiar - I'm guessing this was taken at Manual High School where he attended.

Email from Shirley Vardiman Anderson 8 July 2010

Bud's Wife, Florene

Florene and Bud

Bud and Florene's Girls:
Juda and Carol

Left to Right:
Carol (b. 1943) and
Juda (b. 1942), Florene's girls, from previous marriage

Juda and Carol Letterman

Florene & Bud with Juda and Carol

"I had one brother Harry Lee (more commonly known as Bud) who was 20 months older than I was. I don’t think we were particularly close as kids, but became closer during World War II. Bud was epileptic and therefore exempt from the Army. Most of his friends were in service and we began to bowl together and had many good times. He married Florene Letterman in 1947. She had two daughters, Juda and Carol, so he had a ready made family and Bud was a good father to them. Right out of high school he was able to get a job as a draftsman at the Butler Manufacturing Company and worked there for over 40 years. I was always welcome at their home when I would visit Kansas City. He and Florene were gracious hosts. He died April 4, 1990 of lung cancer at the age of 66."

Written in February, 2006 (As I approach my 80th birthday)

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